Harmonizing Tradition and Globalization, Balinese Literature Department Are Preparing to Face the Future

Harmonizing Tradition and Globalization, Balinese Literature Department Are Preparing to Face the Future

Balinese Literature Department has been established since September 29 1958. It was the same day as Faculty of Arts found. The faculty is located at 13 Nias Street, Denpasar. There are 140 students from all semesters and 15 lecturers registered in this department. In addition, there are many supporting facilities in this department like lontar library, nyastra laboratory, and many more. Furthermore, the department has been graduating 425 students since it was established.

At this time, Balinese people are starting to lose their identities. The globalization comes slowly and blends with the people. As a result, Balinese tradition is changing, Balinese architecture in Balinese people’s houses are gone for example. The concept of asta kosala kosali which has been used by Balinese architects (known as undagi) from generation to generation is slowly gone as well. It is one result of globalization influence and the lack of land to implement the concept. In addition, Balinese cultural heritage is as important as Balinese letters. For this reason, the main goal of this department is to maintain Balinese cultural heritage and tradition.

The department is developing the function of education institutions which has a high competence through lectures, researches, and community works. Dr. Drs. I Wayan Suardiana, M. Hum. stated that some programs were developed to face the future; i.e. the realization of KKNI-based curriculum, introducing Balinese letters through social media like YouTube, and other programs prepared for society. KKNI (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia) is Indonesia - national qualification framework.

Students of Balinese Literature Department are actively participating in developing and introducing Balinese letters nationally and overseas by uploading a video to YouTube. Besides, there are many students of Balinese Literature Department become Balinese Language instructors who want to make Balinese young generation love reading Balinese characters.

Dr. Drs. I Wayan Suardiana, M. Hum. expected that the students of this department could do volunteer works with a fluent Balinese skill. By doing volunteer work, the students are asked to share their knowledge and experiences to others. (ayuniantari)