Udayana University’s Symbol

Unud’s symbol named Widya Cakra Prawartana which means the wheels of science is based on Pancasila. The meaning of the symbols are:

  1. Having a shape of a circle having a wheel disc, in the middle there is a Padma (lotus) with eight leaves which symbolize the eight winds points, which symbolizes the sanctity of God Almighty which is the first principle of Pancasila.
  2. The wheel disc has four trellis symbolizing the steel-like strength of four Pancasila principles.
  3. The outside of the radius of the circle wheel adorned with 54 (fifty-four) points as Ratna Permata in accordance with the sequence of science which are given by Udayana University.
  4. The symbol’s color is golden yellow with a blue base color. Golden yellow color symbolizes the sun rise and blue color symbolizes the sky.