Udayana University’s Vision

Udayana University seeks to be a leading university that produces high potential graduates who become the best in their generation. We  It also aims to have graduates who develop further towards self-reliance; and remain fully engaged with our local indigenous knowledge and practices.

The university’s vision stated in the 2017 statute is becoming an excellent, self-reliance and culture-oriented  university

To achieve similar perception and understanding on the direction of the university’s long-term development for the academic and administrative staff, as well as the students (civitas academica), the vision description is outlined as follows.

Excellent refers to those who are highly competent, competitive and wise in developing their knowledge to enhance values of the state, nation, and human beings in general (referred as cakra widya prawartana). Such outstanding human resources are alligned to the university’s motto taki-takining sewake guna widya.

Self-reliance refers to those who develop strong personality and ability in interacting with their dynamically changing environment.

Culture-oriented  refers to those who develop inner sensitivity and sharpness that enable the utilization of great local cultural values, which are universal in nature for social interaction.

To achieve this vision, the higher education missions reflected at Udayana University are as follows:

  1. Conducting a qualified higher education to produce high  morale and integrity graduates in accordance  with  the demands of local, national, and international community;

  2. Developing research and community service on the basis of nation and community interests;

  3. Empowering Udayana University as an institution that produces and develops knowledge, technology, and culture for the society welfare; and

  4. Producing innovative and prospective works for the development of Udayana University as well as the national economy.

Udayana University’s Purpose

  1. Producing excellent graduates of high competence in science, technology, and arts;
  2. Increasing the capacity of Udayana University in providing educational access for the community;
  3. Developing good governance by optimizing the roles of organizational elements according to the principles of public service institution;
  4. Establishing cooperation in various fields to improve the quality of Tridharma (education, research, and community services);
  5. Producing high-quality, relevant, and competitive research according to the development of science, technology, and art; and
  6. Producing national and international scientific publications and intellectual property rights for the benefit of society.

Main Duties and Functions of Udayana University

Udayana University has the duties and functions of implementing higher education which includes academic, vocational and professional education programs, research, and community service in the fields of science and technology, in accordance with the provisions of statutory regulations, as stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 30 of 2016 concerning the Organization and Work Procedures of Udayana University.

Udayana University OTK