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    Biro Administrasi Umum dan Keungan (BAUK) is an element of leadership in the field of public administration and finance under and directly responsible to the Rector.

Biro Administrasi Umum dan Keungan (BAUK) has the task to provide general administrative and financial services at the University of Udayana. To carry out these tasks the Bureau of Public Administration and Finance has the function:

  1. Carry out administrative affairs, law and management, household;

  2. Implementing personnel administration;

  3. Implement financial administration;

  4. The administration fixtures



Jabatan : BU Chief

NIP : 196012311986031009

Nama Pejabat : Drs. KETUT AMOGA SIDI

Periode Awal : 2017-01-10

Periode Akhir : 0000-00-00

Website :

Faculty Name : General of Bureau
Address : Gedung Rektorat Kampus Bukit Jimbaran
Telephone : 0361 - 701954 or 704845
Email : info@unud.ac.id
Website : www.unud.ac.id