Photo A Building Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

One of the youngest faculties possessed by Udayana University is the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences or more commonly known as FISIP. The faculty which was new founded in 2009 has a strong vision and mission of higher education institutions in the development of a superior. This is reflected in every effort that has been made by the faculty in increasing the human resources, such as for example perform multicultural student enrollment (there are some students in this faculty who are come from overseas).

At this time, the dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Udayana University chaired by Dr. Drs. I Gusti Putu Bagus Suka Arjawa, M.Si. When found in his office, the dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences elaborated that one of the main focus being done by the sector of the dean in improvement the quality of the students is improving the value of student discipline.

“I hope that students nowadays are more discipline to the lesson, against himself, or against the use of any kind, including time in order to improve their academic in the future"said Bagus Suka Arjawa. This is explained further because the current competition of undergraduate students of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Udayana University not only domestically but also overseas undergraduate students. It refers to the demand of globalization in order to develop the students much better.

As supporting activities in the faculty, this faculty has four locations supporting performance of buildings all located in the Sudirman-Denpasar campus complex. Later, these buildings are named, Building A (functioned as the building of the sector of the dean, administration, laboratories faculty, and library), Building B (functioned as building of thesis-examination room and student organization rooms ), Building C (functioned as the building of lecturers room, journal, and a lectures rooms), and Agro-complex building at 4th floor (functioned as the building of lecture room).

The faculty which is often dubbed as "maroon campus" has six study programs that wholly have had good experiences in graduating students. Six study programs are i.e. the undergraduated study program of International Relations,  study program of Sociology, study program of Political Science, study program of the State Administration, study program of Communication Studies, and the Diploma-3 study program of Library. In the course of all six of the study programs, they fully accredited "B" of the BAN-PT Indonesia.

When seeing to the cooperation that has been done by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, the faculty which is six years old now can be said not to mess efforts in cooperation with other parties. Some of the parties have done in cooperation with the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, such as among the examples are the Regional Government of Bali, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Institute for Peace and Democracy, the Bali Democracy Forum, TVRI, and LKBN Antara. Referring to it, proves that Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Udayana University has a strong commitment in favor of Udayana University to become a World-Class University. (lie)