Medical Faculty of Udayana University, Maximize Human Resource Education to Create Superior Graduates

The front side of Medical Faculty Building in Udayana University campus

Entering the Sudirman Campus, a series of yellow letters with engraved ‘Medical Faculty’ will attract people. Yes, after the entrance gate of Sudirman campus beautifully stand a Medical Faculty of Unud building. Since 1962, this faculty has been creating a thousand graduates in medical field. Without hesitate, they are spread in entire Indonesia and foreign country.

In realizing its vision and mission, Medical Faculty of Unud not only recruits local human resources, but also national and international. It can be seen through the international class as a one of lecture facilitations of this faculty.

To further maximize the HR education, the faculty has also initiated various corporations with the concerned institutions, such as RSUP Sanglah Denpasar, network hospital of each district in Bali, Public and Private Regional Hospital in Indonesia, foundations, the medical school of various regions, State and Private University in Indonesia, as well as some foreign universities.

Not only that, in order to improve the quality of HR, this faculty also promoting the facilitations which supporting the lecture, such as skill laboratory, computer and LAN laboratory, discussion and lecture room, library, multimedia laboratory, joint laboratory, units of audio visual and IT, molecular biology laboratory, Theater Widya Sabha Husada hall, meeting room, hot spot area and some other facilitations. 

Similarly, with the lecturer who be provided, until now 254 teacher are listed in Medical Faculty with the 296 extraordinary additional lecturer and 255 nonacademic laborer who corporate to create superior graduates.

In this faculty, the information system that used was already IT based. “We have been using online information system and always improve to achieve the proper system,” said Intan as the Public Relation of Medical faculty UNUD through email. 

The faculty which has three levels of education in medical field such as bachelor’s degree (S1), the Specialist Doctor education (PPDS I), Magister Program (S2), and Doctor (S3) also remind to keep its ‘pekarangan’ by join to manage together the Rumah Sakit Udayana (Udayana Hospital). “FK Unud also contributing in providing the medical laborer in RS Udayana together with UNUD” said her.

In order to make the students go directly to the community, this faculty is grouping the levels of education became some parts. For S1 program, there are some study programs; they are Doctor Education department (PSPD), Nursing Science department (PSIK), Public Health department, Psychology department, and Physiotherapy department and the Dentist department. For further programs; S2 and S3 are under the auspices of Post-Graduated Program of Udayana University. (sobhita)