Students of History Science Department when Conducting Research at Gunung Kawi.
Gianyar - History Science Department is a department that more reviewing the past events that have historical values. Therefore, in this science assessment needs research that requires a researcher plunge into the field, in order to search for and collect data to reconstruct the events of the past.
On this occasion, Saturday, 10/22, lecturer of History Science Unud invites the students as many as 45 people, to conduct research in several tourism objects that have been used as a Cultural Heritage of Bali. As for the places are Pegulingan Temple, Tirta Empul, Mangening Temple and Gunung Kawi. These places have become objects of research because the places are place through which the river flows Das Pakerisan, which Pakerisan Das is a stream that used to be sacred by the community, but at the present time the site has been turned into a tourist attraction.

Students of History Science Department Unud when doing research groups in the tourism object of Tirta Empul Tampaksiring.
"This is a routine activity carried out by the history science department each semester. This activity aims to train students in conducting research in the field. Exercise of this research is done in stages, first the students are invited to carry out research in the region which is closer to the first such in Gianyar, after that the next semester exercise study done in place rather far off, like in Java or the eastern part of Lombok, Flores and other areas, " said A.A.A Dewi Gerindra, S.S., M. Hum., Professor of history science Unud.
This research training activities carried out in groups. Students were divided into 4 groups according to the number of objects of research are addressed. Upon arriving at the location of each of the students to be briefed in advance according to the topics they will thoroughly, after that they do the research independently, such as discussion groups conducting interviews with sources and write a research report. (kezia)