Enjoy Nature of Bedugul Tourism

The beauty of the Gods Island is seemed endless to explore. Almost every corner of the island, along of the road even in the interior of the villages gives a good feel of a very beautiful landscape. Bali's natural charm not only talks about the beauty of the beach and the beautiful sunset but also Bali has another story about the enchanting peak of the plateau. The highlands of Bali Island which is famous among foreign tourists is Bedugul natural tourism. Bedugul is one of the tourist area, which located in the middle of Bali Island. The area which is the connecting line of Singaraja City (North Bali) and Denpasar City (South Bali) have some decent tourist destinations to visit.

As the peak area which located on the main route of Bali, the access road to Bedugul very easy to achieve. This area is usually used as a favorite vacation spot with families who are tired of the city crowd. On a holiday, this path can be very crowded filled with queues of vehicles leading to tourist destinations around Bedugul area. The cool air of Bedugul, beautiful scenery along the way will make the trip feel very enjoyable.The first stop corner, which located above the cornering road, will be presented by the natural beauty of the eastern side of Bali Island from a distance. From this angle, we can see the peaks of Mount Batur and Mount Agung while resting stretching the stiff muscles during the journey. We can breathe fresh air and feel the coolness and tranquility of the peak in Bedugul. From this angle, we can take some pictures to memorize our journey with the landscape background of the majesty of Mount Merapi in Bali. Should not linger in this location, because there are still many tourist destinations that we can visit along the Bedugul and peak air can be turned into a cold accompanied by the fog, of course, it will disturb the views and conditions of our journey. We recommend the time to visit Bedugul area starting from the morning until afternoon. In the afternoon Bedugul area usually starts to fog and avoid visiting in the rainy season.
After enjoying the panorama of the mountains, the journey can continue to enjoy the beauty of the lake area. In the Bedugul region itself, there are three panoramic lakes that we can enjoy: Lake Bratan, Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. Before heading to the lake we will find the recreation center, it is Kebun Raya (Eka Karya) Bali and Bedugul traditional market. The next journey can continue toward.s Lake Beratan. Beratan Lake becomes the most crowded favorite place to visit because it is on the edge of the main route and provides water rides as a means of recreation. That is the reason why Lake Beratan become the best-known lake among the three lakes located in Bedugul Tourist Area. On the north side of the lake, there is a temple in the middle of the lake that looks floating when water was tide. This unique temple becomes the allure of tourists to visiting Lake Beratan. There are five temples Inside the complex area of Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, namely: Pura Penataran Agung, Pura Dalem Purwa, Beiji Temple Temple, Pura Prajapati and Pura Lingga Petak. The architecture of the temples feels very bewitch, when the fog slowly descends over the temple complex. The atmosphere is very calm, blend with nature, make every visitor forget the time to visit the complex of this temple. Near the temple complex in Lake Beratan area there is a flower garden that thrives in full bloom colorful bloom. The roads around the park certainly add to the freshness of our journey.

Continuing the journey north towards the Bedugul's highest peak, we will find an interesting photo spot, the Handara Golf and Resort Bali Gapura. The entrance gate to the resort golf area is a photo spot that many in the interest of local and foreign tourists with a verdant grassy expanse. A neat and clean garden arrangement looks very manicured to fill the front yard of the gate. The beautiful landscape behind the magnificent gate is covered with a thin fog enveloping this region making this place become a gateway to beauty.

Our last trip is to explore the area Bedugul to the peak which is above the level of Pancasari Village - Wanagiri. In addition of Lake Beratan, there are two more lakes adjacent in this area, namely Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. Unlike the case with Lake Beratan which is included in the administrative area of Tabanan Regency, Lake Buyan and Lake Tambingan is included into the administrative area of Buleleng Regency. Lake Buyan and Tamblingan have a quieter and quieter atmosphere. This area can still be found fishing activities surrounding communities and farmers are gardening. The rustic atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city makes it ideal for a cool and fresh nature with lush tropical trees along the path.

After tired of spending the time to visiting Bedugul Tourism Object, we can rest a moment with a warm welcome a herd of wild monkeys mingles with visitors on the edge of the road peak. This area is very easy to find because it is on the edge of the road peak. While resting, visitors can enjoy a simple culinary meal while feeding nuts in this monkeys region. The funny and adorable behavior of the herds of monkeys will certainly give the feel of a more impressed vacation. Explore the nature of Bali is not enough to visit the beach exoticism alone, try to see the highlands of Bali are still many other beautiful natural scenery. Enjoy the trip and happy holiday

By :
Kadek Suar Wibawa