The Allurement of Kintamani

Kintamani is a tourism area which provides mountain scenery plateau panorama with sufficient healthy weather. The blowing air that touched the skin through a crack in the green of trees along the road to Kintamani makes the trip be enjoyable. The natural beauty began to be felt when ount Batur that stands proudly welcoming with full of authority. The peaceful welcome with the bright of sunlight on blue sky studded by clouds around the mountain makes this trip so enchanted.

The mountain which located in Batur village, Kintamani, Bangli Regency is the second highest mountain in Bali that is still active. Mountains serving the beauty of nature with the green expanse of trees and lake at the foot of Mount Batur give the feel of natural relaxation which repel weary mind. Awe-inspiring majesty of God, gratitude for maintaining the beauty of the universe, strengthens the love of motherland.

Seen at the foot of Mount Batur lake shaped like a crescent moon. This lake known as Batur Lake that has enough fresh water as a life source for its around creatures. The lake can be reached through the downhill and winding way from the main road. In some point of the way  to Batur Lake there are hot spring water baths destination. Along the way to this lake served exotic shades, visible the growth grass and several dry out among chunks of rocks formed as a result of the larvae were frozen. Besides as the source of human being life, the lake is also a port for tourists who want to visit the Trunyan Village tourism destination. (sobhita)