The charm of Tanah Lot Beach

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the attractions of Bali that combines the beauty of the rocky coast with a temple that stands firmly on a large coral boulder. This temple is located in the South Coast Line Bali, in the village Brabah, district of Kediri, Tabanan Bali. It is one of the temple which is closely related to the sacred journey Nirartha in Bali. There are some Pelinggih in each area such as Pakedungan temple now better known as the Luhur Temple Tanah lot that stand upon a rock, Anjung Galuh Temple is  located juts into the sea, and Batu Bolong temple were sifting on a rock hole.

The charm of the sunset at Tanah Lot is very popular among domestic and foreign travelers. Incredibly impressed begin to appear when the orange sun gives an overview silhouette contours temple stands on a rock by the sea water as its base. At the Right side we will find Batu Bolong temple which stands on a rock with a big hole around elongated sheer rock cliffs. Bolong temple area around the beach there is the spread rock that holds stagnant seawater is very clear when the water recedes. The reflection of the sun gives is a clear picture of how the sacred and the beauty of this temple area. It is natural beauty panorama that is rarely found in other tourist sites in Bali.

Amenities in the surrounding area is very complete site attractions, it is begin from a large parking area, lodging, restaurants and range of suvernir. To enjoy the panoramic beauty, visitors will be charged admission and parking of vehicles are available at the counter of ticket purchase. Besides the beauty of its natural scenery, tourists can also watch the show Kecak dance with very spectacular sunset background. The charm of the natural beauty that is never able to be described with words and incomplete when it traveled to Bali without visited this tourist attraction. (arisugama)