The Beautiful Mertasari Beach

Whenever people talk about beautiful beaches, everyone will agree if Bali is the best place to find ones. The panoramic beauty of the beaches of Bali has been widely known to many countries. Mertasari Beach, also known as the Dream Island is one of the tourist sites that have the beauty of white sandy beaches. With its calm wave and the ripple on the surface of the beautiful sea, Mertasari poses the enchanting clear water beaches in Bali.

Mertasari Beach located at Tirta Empul Street, Sanur. The beach with its spacious and clean white is very suitable for relaxing place during holiday. Most of the tourists who came to visit this beach doing several activities such as; sunbathing, fishing, swimming, soaking or other types of light exercises. Pavement is provided alongside the beach as the place for jogging. Travelers can also use the bicycle rental facilities for tracking down along the beach. Mild exercise while enjoying the beauty of the beach of course can make the body in a more peaceful and fit mood.

Seperti pesisir pantai pada umumnya, Pantai Mertasari memiliki tiupan angin yang cukup kencang pada bulan-bulan tertentu (umumnya terjadi pada bulan Juni - Agustus). Pada musim ini, Rare Angon akan bersuka ria bermain layang-layang di pusat pantai ini. Rare Angon (Pengembala) merupakan sebuah istilah yang ditujukan kepada Masyarakat Tradisional Bali yang gemar bermain layang-layang. Tradisi ini tidak kenal usia, tidak kenal warna kulit,  tidak kenal kasta, yang mereka kenal hanyalah bergembira menerbangkan layang-layang. Melayangan merupakan salah satu bentuk ekspresi pelestarian budaya masyarakat Bali dengan mengedepankan nilai rasa kebersamaan, toleransi dan rasa saling memiliki (tat twam asi).

As the coast in general, Mertasari have fairly strong wind blowing in certain months (generally occurs in June-August). In this season, Rare Angon will fly kites at the center of this beach. Rare Angon (shepherd) is a term that is addressed to Traditional Balinese community who likes to fly kites. This tradition differs neither age or color of the skin or caste, it only knows about the joy of flying a kite. Melayangan is one form of expression to  preserve Balinese culture by promoting the value of togetherness, tolerance and a sense of belonging (Tat Tvam Asi) .