Denpasar - Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. dr. A A. Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) received an audience from Study Program (Prodi) Psychology Faculty of Medicine Unud and Chairman of HIMPSI (Association of Indonesian Psychology), on Wednesday (06/09/2017) in the Meeting Room of Dean Faculty of Medicine Unud Campus Sudirman Denpasar. The meeting facilitated by the Dean of Medical Faculty of Unud, it discussed the plan of organizing the ASEAN Congress of the Regional Union of Psychological Society (ARUPS).  ARUPS Congress plan will be held in October 2017 in Bali.

Head of Psychology Study Program of Medical Faculty of Unud, Dra. Adijanti Marheni, M. Si, stated that the purpose of the audience was to ask the Rector of Unud for Psychology Department. Furthermore, Marheni reported that Prodi is currently preparing for reacreditation due to the validity period of accreditation until 2018. Psychology Study Program also requested assistance to assist HIMPSI to conduct ARUPS Congress as local committee. Through this opportunity, Marheni requested permission and also support from the Rector related to the implementation of the activity.

(Rektor Unud, Prof. Dr. dr. A.A. Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) menerima audiensi dari Program Studi (Prodi) Psikologi Fakultas Kedokteran Unud dan Ketua Umum HIMPSI (Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia))

Chairman of HIMPSI. Dr. Seger Handoyo on this occasion expressed his appreciation to the Rector and Dean the Faculty of Medicine who have facilitated the meeting. Seger Handoyo said that at the beginning of Psychology Program Study, HIMPSI was asked by Dikti to evaluate the establishment of Study Program. To develop psychology education is expected to Unud can immediately establish a program of psychology profession through cooperation with UNAIR. Seger Handoyo also introduced a glimpse of the organization profile of HIMPSI conducting congress every two years. In the framework of the implementation of Congress, ARUPS, Seger Handoyo requested assistance and support of the Rector for the implementation of Congress that can run smoothly as planned.

Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. dr. A A. Raka Sudewi on this occasion expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and contribution of Dr. Seger Handoyo with HIMPSI in assisting the establishment of Psychology Study Program at Udayana University. Rector of Unud also welcomed the cooperation that offered by the Chairman of HIMPSI and to get ready to support the implementation of ARUPS Congress in October 2017. Through this opportunity Rector of Unud also requested that Prodi Psychology prepare the accreditation process as well as possible because accreditation is very important for the graduates. (PR)