Denpasar – Wednesday (12/07/2017), International Foundation for Dharma Nature Time on behalf of its Dharma Nature Time Institute established cooperation with Universitas Udayana (UNUD) through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 at the Postgraduate Building, Sudirman Campus UNUD in Denpasar. This event was attended by the Rector of UNUD Prof. Ketut Suastika accompanied by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation, and Information Prof. I Made Suastra and President and Co-Charter Founder of Dharma Nature Time Dr. Diane Butler.

Dharma Nature Time is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity and nonprofit corporation certified in the United States on 24 August 2001 and international cooperative non-governmental organization in roster consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2009. Founding Members Dr. Diane Butler (USA/Bali), Suprapto Suryodarmo (Solo, Central Java), Prof. I Wayan Dibia (Bali), Ann Wizer (USA) with 8 individual and 4 organization cooperative members in 8 countries have carried out many activities in the arts and culture.

Cooperation with the Dharma Nature Time Institute is for the purpose of carrying out short-term international intercultural practice-based workshops for students, practitioners, and scholars from Indonesia and diverse countries; co-taught by presenters from varied fields from Indonesia and diverse countries to bridge informal, non-formal, and formal education based on the value of harmoniousness among human beings, and with the nature/environment, and with God/the Source of Life conveyed through the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana(three causes of goodness or prosperity).

The scope of activities under this MoU also includes cooperation in convening public open discussion forums on and off the UNUD campus and collaboration in joint concrete projects, practice-based research, or publications resulting from the Institute’s workshops. President of Dharma Nature Time, Dr. Diane Butler, who is also a graduate from and volunteer Associate Professor in the Kajian Budaya (Cultural Studies) Doctoral Studies Program at UNUD, said that the workshop series curricular theme is Back to Home: Creating the Home as the Life Stage (Kembali ke Rumah: Mencipta Rumah sebagai Panggung Kehidupan). Workshops will be held in settings related to the topics taken up such as a traditional home compound, marketplace, sanggar arts atelier, and natural and cultural heritage sites, particularly in the vicinity of the village of Bedulu, Gianyar Regency and village of Tejakula, Buleleng Regency in Bali. (PR)