Animation Film of Balinese Folklore : Pan Meri

This animation film is a story adapted from the legendary Balinese folklore “Pan Meri”. This story tells that the pure honesty will always have a special place and be blessed. Glory cannot always be measured by wealth or position. The main glory can be achieved through a simple way. It was started with a poor duck shepherd. Now, he had only one duck whereas he previously had many ducks. He loved his duck so much although the duck was dirty and ugly. The duck was also loyal to him.

One day, Pan Meri’s duck disappeared. He was very confused. Then, a man with big black body appeared and approached Pan Meri. The big man claimed to be the keeper of the place where Pan Meri usually herded his duck. He would help Pan Meri to find his duck. One by one the fat and clean ducks were shown by the big man. However, Pan Meri still said that it was not his duck because his duck was very dirty and thin. Finally, the big man admitted that he was testing Pan Meri’s honesty. He admitted that Pan Meri was a very honest person, and he also gave the gift to Pan Meri. He gave a clean and fat duck that could lay golden eggs.

In this story, there are some moral values of the Hindu teachings. Those moral values are as follows: Vacika Parisuddha (talking correctly), Arjava (honesty), Bhadram (glory), Astainya (do not take something that belongs to others), Lascarya (sincerity), Arjawa (honesty), Satya Wacana (do not lie), Prayascitta (purity of heart), Karina (love all living creatures), Santosa (be grateful for what we got).  Here are some screenshots of the scene in this animation film:

The scene where Pan Meri’s duck was very loyal to accompany Pan Meri


The scene when Pan Meri met the big man


The scene when Pan Meri was offered with the fat and clean duck

The scene when Pan Meris duck laid golden eggs