Bali Folklore Animated Film: Stork Became A Minister

This animated film is a story adapted from the folklore of bali Pedanda Baka. It tells the story of a play with bring the religion to trick people who don't know anything . Beginning with a Stork, which has one of the very special nature of the Sad, Lobha (Greedy) and Kama (Lust) feel hunger because it can't hunt. He wanted to put an end to the era of his paceklik by good-natured outwit the fish that was in the pool. With Guile, he masquerades as seora

One occupant of the Lake brought about by the crane to move. Live a Crab just left. Because he was alone, he was willing to move to the Stork brought although he is actually wary of the rising motion over Crane. On the way, the crab saw fish bone were scattered. He realized that his friends were never delivered by the Stork to the opposite side of the Lake, but the Stork devour them. Crab feel angry over the deeds of the Stork, without hesitation he replied to the Storks and Cranes Act greedy that perish.

This story summarizes some of the moral messages in the teachings of Hinduism. Where they are. Here are some animated film scene screenshoot: Sadhuniragraha (do not hurt other beings),tindih (solidarity with other beings), Nirbhayata (courage), Vidagdanaprasana (not easily instigated), Upeksa (alert), Vacika Pasiuddha (Say) Parisuddha Kayika, (to do good).

Here are some animated film scene screenshoot:

The scene where the crab realized play Heron


The scene where the crab is replying to the deeds of the Stork