Animation Film Balinese Folklore: Reciprocation of the Crab

This animated film is a story adapted from Balinese folklore "Yuyu lan Pandita". This story shows that live Asih-Asah-Asuh to each other in the world it is fitting not mutually distinguish degrees even genera of the creature. This story teaches us the beauty of love to all of God's creatures. Beginning with the story of a powerful Sage who is very compassionate, willing to help the crab (Yuyu) who were almost destroyed because of drought when his spiritual journey. With a feeling of loving, the crab was adopted in the Pesraman. One day, the danger came over to the Sage. A sneaky snake is conniving with greedy crow about to harm the Sage. The crab was intrigued. With sincerely the crab wants to repay the Sage who had saved his life. With a surefire plan, the crab managed to deceive both the evil creatures and the suppression of the danger of the Sage. The crab managed to take his entire affection with high loyalty based on a deep sense of gratitude.
This story encapsulates some of the moral of the Hindu teachings. They are: Upeksa (Attitude vigilance), Ahimsa (Attitude to not hurt), Karuna (compassion on all beings), Asih-Punia-Bhakti (Love, Devotion, Respect), Visvaprema (Universal Love), Priti (very compassionate ), Maitri (Loving all beings), Satyamitra (attitude of solidarity). The images below show some of the scenes contained in the animation film "Reciprocation of the Crab ":

The scene when the Sage found the crab that was on the verge of perishing


The scene when the Sage rescued the crabs that were almost dead drought

The scene when the Sage took a rest and did a meditation


The scene when the cunning snake and greedy crows conspired to eat the Sage who is meditating


The scene when the cunning snake and greedy crows successfully deceived by the crab to save the Sage.