Writing the Oral and Speaking the Written Text As A Way to Strengthen National Identity

Photo: latiefpakpahan.com

Writing the oral and speaking the written text is one of many ways to strengthen national identity. By writing oral tradition and speaking it, it is expected that inherited tradition will not be destroyed. It is based on proceeding which is written by I Wayan Suardiana, I Ketut Ngurah Sulibra, and I Nyoman Duana Suntika entitled Writing the Oral and Speaking the Written Text: Reinforcement Model of Balinese Tradition in Geguritan Text.

In the context of literature, there is term: oral tradition and written tradition. Actually, oral and written traditions do not only occur in the context of literature, but also the others. As an example in Mathematics, there are many formulas which have to be written in order to be stored in the long-term memory and will be presented orally back when explaining it.

I Wayan Suardiana stated that in the written tradition, there is oral tradition. In the geguritan tradition, there is repeating words which mean to declare characteristics of a word such as word katuturan has similar meaning with once upon a time. It means that the writer in that geguritan text has spoken something that has been written.

Oral tradition will be strong when it is written; written tradition will be stronger when it is spoken again. I Wayan Suardiana said, “Oral and written traditions are aimed to help people storing in the long-term memory. Second, it is to make the others easier because not all people understand if it is only described by speaking or writing. Finally, it is to find out the similar root about culture in the Indonesian Archipelago. It is one of the ways to strengthen nationality and realize society although come from different regions; however, it has similar culture, so that why are we so hostile with each other?”

By writing the oral and speaking the written text, it can strengthen national identity; because we have similar culture. Therefore, it is expected that society can maintain good relationships with others, nature and the Creator. (manik)