Prof. Liem Peng Hong Provided General Lecture of Cancer Therapy with BNCT Method at Unud

(Prof. Liem Peng Hong Delivering the Material)

Bukit Jimbaran - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (F.MIPA) Udayana University held a public lecture on the topic of Nuclear Applications that presented the resource person Prof. Liem Peng Hong from NAIS Co.Inc, Japan and Prof. Y. Sardjono, APU from BATAN, Tuesday (08/08/2017) in National Space Rectorate Building Bukit Jimbaran Campus. The event was attended by lecturers and researchers from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Unud.

Dean of F.MIPA, Drs. Ida Bagus Made Suaskara, M.Si hoped that through this event, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences can contribute to innovate about nuclear application so that it can be utilized in industry especially in medicine and environmental health. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is very concerned with nuclear applications because it is engaged in the field related to medicine and the environment. Ida Bagus Made Suaskara hopes that Mathematics and Computer Science Program that owned by F.MIPA can also contribute in the industrial world.

(Prof. Y. Sardjono, APU from BATAN when delivered the understanding to the participants)

Prof. Y. Sardjono, APU from BATAN through this event provided an understanding to experts including lecturers and researchers as agents of change and innovation, so that all innovations can be in line with the downstream of industry. In this activity together with lecturers and researchers contributed in order to make new innovations through computer code design in cooperation between F.MIPA and BATAN with Nippon Advanced Information Service Company Incorporate (NAIS Co.Inc) of Japan. The event which was held at this time was the first step which will be held "The 3rd International Symposium on the Applications of Nuclear Technology as A Key Element to Promote Competitive National Industry Products: Energy, Health, Agriculture, Industry and Environment" on August 9-12 2017 in Undiksha, Singaraja. Prof. Sardjono hopes that lecturers and researchers will produce something new that the industry awaits. The resulting product must be competitive and can compete and it is a new breakthrough.

Prof. Liem Peng Hong in his material introduced the principle and excellence cancer therapy with BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Cancer Therapy) method, although this method in Japan and other countries are still in the experimental stage. Prof. Liem hopes in the future with research and technological advances, both for accelerators and pharmaceuticals can better treat patients with cancer. But this still requires a long process. In addition to the psychic aspect is also required software to perform optimal treatment plan to the patient, so that the dose that received really appropriate for the cancer condition of the patient itself.(PR)

‚Äč(The participants of Public Lecturer)