Rector Unud : In the Future the Research is Expected to Increase

Denpasar - The biggest focus to mold middle class is college. The people who are able to strive to bring this nation forward are the ones who are educated and this is one of the important roles of the college. Colleges are no longer competing locally but have to move to global level, therefore need Human Resources (HR), facilities, learning system and good governance.
Student networking at Udayana University has been conducted through the test and is expected to have a good student candidate. Educating them in accordance with the study program is one of the important things that the institution is responsible for. Universities have a big responsibility, for that much to be improved such as qualified lecturers who have S3 education and strong human resources in the field of research, as stated by Rector Unud Prof. Dr. Dr. Ketut Suastika, Sp.PD-KEMD in an exclusive interview with journalist of Bali Post Magazine in commemoration of Hardiknas. Further Prof. Suastika added that in the future this becomes very important for learning materials and supports the government in developing various things. New discoveries can bring the country to new innovations. IT is growing so fast that it requires research that can support it. The developed countries have strong research and development related to the industry. The economic developers also can not be separated by research in college. In Indonesia, research in Universities has not been very encouraging and still relatively weak. To research with stakeholders from outside is still not unidirectional so that the great potential can not be achieved as expected.
In connection with this, Udayana University is expected to contribute human resources in the field of tourism that develops in Bali, the human resources that have the innovation and thought to develop themselves. Unud also should be able to donate human resources in the field of industry to outside Bali, considering in Bali the focus is only tourism and agriculture. In Bali itself, the needs of tourism and agriculture are still imported from outside the region, therefore expected further, the presence of research and innovation to anticipate it. Constraints faced are funding and innovation of existing human resources. From year to year, Udayana University has increased research funding, in addition to receiving various research funds from the government or from foreign parties for those who want to innovate. The cooperation of Unud with overseas in the field of research so far is still weak, therefore it is necessary for efforts to increase the participation of researchers at Udayana University, one of them is to follow up cooperation with IPB in agriculture by developing research on banana which is planned to be inaugurated in May 2017. The many types of bananas are necessity in Indonesia. It is expected that future research on bananas will be expanded to other fields of medicine by seeking funding opportunities from other sources of cooperation.
Through spririt of Hardiknas Udayana University academics are expected to always think how to make innovations and strategies to create a good education. Lecturers are also expected to provide examples and role models for their students because it has become a duty and responsibility as an educator.
As is known, in 2017 Unud entered in the top 20 state-level universities, with the status of Accreditation that already A, Unud targets to enter the top 10 universities in Indonesia, one of the capital is the acquisition of Unud in 3 *** QS Star which is only achieved some PT in Indonesia. In addition to Webometric, Unud is ranked 9. The assessment is different because the focus of the assessment is also different. To reach the top 10 Unud still have difficulties in the field of research, Unud began to focus with research by raising the budget for research and held a socialization to the lecturers researcher environment on  Udayana University.
In terms of IT development in Udayana, all information are well managed, it also improves the accreditation status of the study program. Improving financial governance also caused Unud to get the best governance title from KPPN Denpasar in terms of BLU management. This reflects unud not only focuses on research but also in the field of institutional governance.

The Rector also conveys next year will be targeted some of the study program will be international accredited at least AUN (Asian University Networking) and ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). With this expected to improve the position of Unud nationally and international.(PR)