Jimbaran, on March 21st, 2017. In an effort to provide a thorough understanding of the process of procurement of goods and services, Part of State General Bureau Unud held socialization Procurement. The event was opened by Deputy Rector II, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ketut Budi Susrusa, MS and attended by the Vice Dean II / Director Assistant II, Head of the Institute, Head of Unit (UPT), The Chiefs of Bureau, The Heads of Division, Planning and Finance, the Head of General and Finance, Procurement, Manager / Managing Committee Procurement Results (PPHP), and the Committee for Procurement of Goods / Services (PBJ) in Unud’s environment.

Socialization activity held for two days, on March 21st to 22nd, 2017, with presented  Mr. Emin Adhy Muhaemin which is Director of System Catalog Development LKPP and Mr. Raden Ari Widianto, Deputy Director of Goods and Services. The material presented and regarding the basic knowledge in operating the procurement of goods and services, particularly in the scope of government, Goods / Services Procurement System through E-Catalogue and E-Purchasing, and materials Inspection and Acceptance Job Results Strategy and Presidential Decree No. 54 of 2010 which concerning the Procurement of Goods / Services, and Self-Estimated Price Formulating Strategy (HPS), the Terms of Reference (KAK), the contract draft. Material presented and provided a general overview of the procurement of government goods / services, principles, policies, and regulations of procurement of goods / services of the government, stakeholders of procurement government’s goods / services, document management procurement of government’s goods / services, ethical procurement and good governance, and control as well as supervision.

After socialization which is expected that all units of the university will be able to understand and making the process of procurement of goods / services is good and right by the regulations that has been set by the Government.(PR)