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Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries (FKP) is the youngest faculty at Udayana University which was established on October 10, 2011 pursuant to the Udayana Rector Decree No: 680/UN.14/HK/2011 on the establishment of the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries of Udayana University. The establishment of FKP aims to ensure the equal education opportunities, improve the quality and relevance as well as efficiency of education management to face the challenges at the local, national and global levels. FKP has a role to develop Science and Technology as well as to prepare human resources academically in the field of marine and fisheries sciences as a follow-up to the implementation of Indonesia as a maritime nation and support to the national development.

Study Programs:

  1. Aquatic Resources Management Department
  2. Marine Science Department

Vision & Mission :


Gedung Fakultas Kelautan dan Perikanan Universitas Udayana


To be an educational institution that is able to create human resources in the field of marine and fisheries become an excellent, independent, and cultured at the local, national or international levels in 2021


  1. To conduct education in the field of marine and fisheries: to create graduates with Interpersonal, Technical and Intellectual abilities and who are highly dedicated and able to implement and develop new concepts in the field of marine and fisheries.
  2. To develop research and dedication in the field of marine and fisheries in accordance with the interests of the community, the nation and the state.

Faculty Name : Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries
Address : Kampus Bukit Jimbaran, denpasar, Bali, indonesia
Telephone : 0361702802
Email : fkp@unud.ac.id
Website : https://fkp.unud.ac.id/