SMA Negeri 4 Depok visited Udayana University on Saturday, March 19th 2016 in the morning. Although the visit was in the weekend, Academic Administration Bureau, known as BAA, was still enthusiastic in welcoming the group which consisted of hundreds of teachers and students. The group, which consisted with 286 people in total, was divided into seven buses. They wanted to know more about the university. It was proved by the fact that many questions about Unud’s faculties and departments were asked by the students and teachers.

The university got benefits from this visit since in this occasion, Unud could socialize and promote the departments to the students as well. It took place in Bangsa Room (Gedung Rektorat third floor), Bukit, Jimbaran. Due to the great number of participants and limited capacity of the room, the agenda was divided into two sessions. After a speech delivered by the head of BAA, Drs. Ketut Angga Sidi, the agenda was continued by discussion and souvenir given-acceptance sessions for both institutions.

Berikut foto kegiatan selama kunjungan yang diselenggarakan pada hari Sabtu 19 Maret 2016 :