Udayana University Dental and Oral Hospital Holds Dental and Oral Health Social Service 2023

In order to celebrate the 61st Anniversary of Udayana University, the Dental and Oral Hospital (RSGM) of Udayana University (Unud) carried out Dental and Oral Health Social Service activities in Pesinggahan Village, Dawan District, Klungkung (17/09/2023).

The activity, which took place at the Pesinggahan Village Office, began with the provision of dental and oral health education material, then continued with checking the residents' teeth and applying fluoride to children's teeth.

Chairman of the Activities Committee, Drg. Nyoman Ayu Anggayanti, M. Biomed., Sp. BMM., Subsp.TMTMJ(K) on this occasion said that this activity was carried out not only to celebrate Unud's Anniversary but also to encourage awareness of routine dental and oral health checks and the importance of using fluoride in children to prevent dental caries.

This social service was also attended by the Main Director and the Board of Directors of the Unud Dental and Oral Hospital, as well as representatives from the Undergraduate Dentistry and Dentist Profession Study Programs, Faculty of Medicine, Unud.