Udayana University Holds The 2nd Annual Meeting of The Udayana University International Advisory Board (IAB)

The 2nd Annual Meeting of The Udayana University International Advisory Board (IAB) was held at Movenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran, Thursday (28/9/2023). This second IAB Meeting was attended directly by six IAB Members, Local IAB Members, Rector of Udayana University, Vice Rectors, Institutional Leaders, Faculty and Postgraduate Leaders, Rector of Ngurah Rai University, as well as other guests.

The IAB Members who attended were Prof. Adrian Vickers, Prof. Harry Palm, Prof. Kadambot Siddique, Prof. Elkhonon Goldberg, Prof. Fusanori Miura and Prof. Osamu Matsushita, as well as IAB members from Udayana University (Unud), namely Prof. Ketut Suastika, Prof. Ketut Budi Susrusa and Prof. I Gede Mahardika.

This event began with an internal meeting between the Rector of Unud and IAB Members where on this occasion the Rector presented the existence of Udayana University and its resources as well as internationalization program plans. After the Rector's presentation, each IAB Member expressed his views and provided input.

Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his speech said that international recognition is not an easy achievement and cannot be achieved in a short time. This is the result of continuous activities involving the management of study programs, the performance of human resources, in this case lecturers and administrative staff, as well as student input and graduate output. Udayana University has initiated a number of international lecture programs and research collaborations, but of course there are still many other efforts that need to be made so that they can be recognized globally.

Internationalization is the main performance that must be carried out by all universities in Indonesia, and of course Udayana University. Five of the eight main performances set by the Ministry of Education and Research and Technology show international goals, namely study programs must achieve international accreditation, study programs must have international collaboration, their research output is internationally recognized, lecturers have international activities, and students have activities outside campus. Seeing the magnitude of the goals and challenges faced, great efforts are needed to improve the quality of education, research and outreach activities at Udayana University so that it can be recognized internationally.

Therefore, his party considers it very important to form an International Advisory Board consisting of various scientists from various scientific disciplines. The establishment of IAB Unud is expected to be able to support Unud to become superior, independent, culturally oriented and globally recognized.

"I am very confident that we will all have active discussions with IAB members and produce useful conclusions that we can follow up on in action towards international recognition of Udayana. This golden moment is also a great opportunity to expand networks and explore short-term exchange opportunities for lecturers, staff, and students to foreign universities," said Prof. Antara.

At the 2nd Annual Meeting, an interactive dialogue was also held with the Chair of IAB Unud, Professor Adrian Vickers, on the topic of Strategies for Accelerating Internationalization of Udayana University, which was followed by four Parallel Sessions, namely Health, Science, Engineering and Social Sciences.