Dharma Wanita Association of Udayana Tirtayatra University at Three Temples in North Bali

Dharma Wanita Association of Udayana University (DWP Unud) held routine monthly meetings which were coupled with Tirtayatra activities to temples in the North Bali area, namely to Pulaki Temple, Melanting Temple and Kerta Wire Temple, Tuesday (6/6/2023).

Head of DWP Unud Mrs. Dayu Bulan Antara said that the Tirtayatra activity was actually an early year agenda for the DWP Unud, but due to various obstacles it could only be implemented in June. Through this Tirtayatra activity, it is hoped that it can increase belief in the truth and omnipotence of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa and increase mental harmony, especially among members of the DWP Unud.

In the prayer that was held at the Kerta Wire Temple, the DWP Unud women also asked the Idea Betare family who is based at the Kerta Wire Temple to provide protection and safety to the leaders of Unud and the entire academic community in carrying out their duties to advance their beloved institution.

Tirtayatra this time the Chairperson of the DWP Unud was accompanied by the Vice Rector, the Deans and the Head of the Bureau. Chairperson of the DWP Unud Ibu Dayu Bulan also hopes that in 6 months time she can carry out Tirtayatra to the temples in the East Bali area. After Tirtayatra, the event continued with a social gathering at Billy's Terrace, Lovina.