The Socialization of IMISSU

Bukit Jimbaran, The Socialization of IMISSU (Integrated Management Information System Of Unud) held on Thursday, 25th June 2015 at The National Building 3rd Floor Udayana University’s Rectorate Builiding on 9 AM. The event was officially opened by Mr. Prof.Dr.drh. I Made Damriyasa, MS (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs / PR I) in his speech he explained that the purpose of this socialization focused on SIMAK (Academic Management Information System) to make it more effective and efficient where the student data is still much that needs to be repaired. Therefore Mr. Prof.Dr.dr.Ketut Suastika, Sp.PD-KEMD (Rector of Udayana University) formed USDI (Information Resources Unit) to build a vision of IMISSU:  "Build Unity Udayana University". The purpose of the establishment of IMISSU is so that lecturers do not bother to prepare faculty workload. And on the target date , July 2, 2015 IMISSU system can be operated.

Beside Mr. Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Mr. Prof.Dr.Ir.Ketut Budi susrusa, MS (PR II) and Mr. Prof.Drs.I Made Suastra, Ph.D (PR IV) are also present in this event. In this socialization, presenting several speakers including Prof. Dr.Ketut Gede Putra Darma, S.Kom  (as The Head of  USDI), I Nyoman Piarsa, ST., MT (Secretary of USDI), Agus Muliantara, Kom., M. Kom (Head of Service USDI), I Made Sukarsa , ST., MT (Head of Development and Integration USDI). Besides that, this socialization was attended by the Leaders of the entire course and the operator of each faculty. Person in charge of this socialization, Mr Drs.Ketut Amoga Sidi (BAA Chief Udayana University) were also present in this

In this occasion Mr. Prof. Dr.Ketut Gede Putra Darma explained the phases of introduction I MISS U where he delivered several explanations, such as:

  1. Udayana University Internet Bandwith is 210 Mbps. Causing the internet runs slow in Udayana University’s environment. So he made efforts of bandwidth restrictions.
  2. New Email Management in cooperation with Google. Because of the old one is often exposed to spam emails. So email will be used: @ for Lecturer, @ for Students.
  3. SMS Masking Unud comprising INFO UNUD and USDI UNUD. So if there is important information for Faculty and Staff Udayana University will be sent via SMS are labeled INFO UNUD and USDI UNUD. This SMS will be sent to the mobile phone numbers of faculty and employees who have been registered in the SIM REG (Registration Information Management System).
  4. SSO (Single Sign On) is spearheading progress Unud system integration. Where in this SSO: The entire Faculty, Employees, Students SSO must have a user account in order to log into IMISSU; The Operator of SIMAK register an SSO account for Lecturers and Employees; July 5, 2015 is the registration deadline IMISSU User Account.
  5. In accordance with the vision of IMISSU namely "Together Build Udayana University" then the system SIMAK-MUTASI-GRADUATION-SPP-BNI will be the one in the system and sent to the PD (Data Processing) DIKTI Feedeer.

Furthermore, at 1 PM followed by the Introduction to Information Systems IMISSU opened by Mr. Drs.Ketut Amoga Sidi. In this event, Mr. I Nyoman Piarsa, ST., MT; Agus Muliantara, Kom., M. Kom; I Made Sukarsa, ST., MT as the speaker describes the procedures for the use of the entire Operator IMISSU each faculty. Where the system is described that introduction of SSO, The usage of SIMAK, The usage of MUTASI System and the Usage of WISUDA. (USDI)