20 Udayana University Students Participate in the Regional Level ONMIPA 2023 Selection

Twenty Udayana University (Unud) students took part in the selection event for the 2023 National Olympiad in Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ONMIPA) for the regional level. The Olympiad was organized by the Indonesian Talent Development Center, National Achievement Center, Secretariat General, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology at the CBT Lab Room, Faculty of Medicine Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Tuesday (23/5/23).

The Secretary of the Reasoning and Creativity Unit of Udayana University I Putu Tedy Indrayana in his interview said that this Olympiad was a continuation of the selection at the university level which had been held on March 8 2023. Students who took part in the regional level selection were selected at the regional level, 5 people each. -each field consisting of the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

The preparation in this selection is coaching students/delegations from Unud, so that later they are ready to take part in competitions at the regional level. This coaching is coordinated with the supervisors, so that students are coached independently by the supervisors 15 times for each field, so that later the student's preparation is truly solid.

In addition to the regional level, students are also expected to qualify for the national level, during this training it is also hoped that at least two people will represent each field, which means that later the regional level selection sought is the best one, regional level for PTN and regional level the best one for PTS . Apart from that, it is hoped that not only as the best one for PTN but also hopes that the participants will be able to optimize their scores so that they can pass the passing grade. Through this selection process it is hoped that the best candidates will be selected to then proceed to the delegation level to enter the National level.