Prof. Dr. dr. Dewa Putu Gede Purwa Samatra, Sp.N (K) Officially Appointed Main Director of Udayana University Hospital

Wednesday, (10/5/23) the Submission of the Rector's Decree regarding the Appointment of the Main Director of Udayana University Hospital (Unud Hospital), took place in the Hall of Udayana University Hospital Bukit Jimbaran. The SK was handed over by the Rector of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng., IPU to the New Main Director Prof. Dr. dr. Dewa Putu Gede Purwa Samatra, Sp.N (K), and accompanied by the Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance Prof. Dr. I Gusti Bagus Wiksuana, SE., MS., as well as witnessed by doctors from the Medical Staff of Unud Hospital, along with structural officials and management of Udayana University Hospital.

On this occasion, the Rector of Udayana University said that as is well known, the Main Director had previously passed away before all of us. While we remember him, of course we all express our deep gratitude for what he has done for the development of the Unud Hospital so far. The Rector also thanked the Plt and the team who had previously served so far.

With the appointment of Prof. Dr. dr. Dewa Putu Gede Purwa Samatra, Sp.N (K) as the Main Director of the new Unud Hospital, it is hoped that the Unud Hospital will become a leading Hospital, especially in South Badung, and even later can make this Hospital an international class Hospital, so that those who participating in developing this hospital will certainly be very happy and proud, when Unud Hospital can develop rapidly.

In addition, the head of the rectorate with all his staff really supports the Unud Hospital. "We are in the midst of ladies and gentlemen, even though we don't have a medical background, we will be there to expand the hospital, and in the midst of limitations, especially financial resources that are really limited, we also have to think about other units. how can it work according to the main tasks and functions of each, "said the Rector of Unud.

Meanwhile, the Main Director of Unud Hospital expressed his gratitude for being trusted again to be the Main Director of the Unud Hospital today. Prof. Purwa promised that as Director he would continue to try to enlarge and redevelop the Udayana University Hospital by continuing to increase cooperation with other hospitals, so that in the future it could provide the best service for the community.