The LAM-PTKes Assessor Team Visits the Dermatology and Venereology Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University in the Context of a Field Assessment

The LAM-PTKes Accreditation Field Assessment Team visited the Dermatology and Venereology Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University (FK Unud), Thursday (4/5/2023). The LAM-PTKes Team who attended were Dr.dr. Satya Wydya Yenny, Sp.KK(K), M.Ag, FINSDV, FAADV and Dr. dr. Khairuddin Djawad, Sp.KK(K), FINSDV, FAADV. The opening of the assessment took place in the meeting room of dr. AA Made Djelantik FK Udayana University Sudirman Campus Denpasar and was opened by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs representing the Rector of Udayana University.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Komang Januartha Putra Pinatih in his speech said that accreditation is a very important component in a process in an institution, especially in educational institutions which are required to produce graduates who have good quality and competence, so this accreditation process is one of the components that we must carry out. Accreditation is the implementation of a quality assurance system. He hopes that what has been reported by the Study Program in the accreditation process can be in accordance with the reality in the field. This can also be a room for self-improvement in the future and the team present is expected to provide as much input as possible so that in the future continuous improvement efforts can be made. It is also hoped that the Study Program will be able to achieve maximum results in this accreditation process.

While the Vice Rector Prof. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja said that Udayana University's accreditation title has reached excellence, hopefully this will encourage all study programs to be on the path of quality culture. The Dermatology Study Program itself is already on the path of implementing a quality culture so that it is given an A rating for accreditation. He hopes that with the performance of this Study Program which is supported by stake holders and faculties and networks, it is hoped that they will continue to be on this path and get the title of Excellence. Hopefully what has been reported by the Taskforce will give good marks from the assessors and win the title of Excellence. University leaders will continue to strive to provide support for Study Programs to achieve the title of Excellence.

Representative of the Assessor Team Dr. Satya Wydya Yenny said that the team that attended also happened to be members of the collegium accreditation commission, of course this was a moral responsibility for him. Of course, he hopes that the 13 Dermatology and Venereology Study Programs in Indonesia will all excel. His party will carry out a field assessment and clarify the results of the adequacy assessment that has been carried out. There are 4 dimensions of assessment that will be carried out that are familiar to the Study Program. He hopes that the results of the field assessment can add to the results of the adequacy assessment. The assessment carried out is expected to be more objective in order to get the best results.