8 Titles of Proposals Pass Funding, Udayana University Holds MBKM Outreach and Debriefing for Bina Desa

Udayana University (Unud) through the Student Affairs Bureau held Socialization and Debriefing for Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) Bina Desa located in the Nusantara Room Agrocomplex Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Friday (24/3/2023). This socialization was carried out in connection with the results of the 2023 Bina Desa proposal selection results, which have been announced as those that have passed funding. The activity was opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and presented three speakers. A total of 8 titles of Bina Desa proposals were set to be funded by the 2023 Udayana University MBKM Program.

Vice Rector Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana in his speech said that this socialization was carried out, where previously there were more than 10 teams that proposed the Bina Desa proposal but only 8 teams passed. MBKM Bina Desa is important because the target for MBKM and outstanding students in 2023 is 20 percent of the total undergraduate and diploma students. Where around 4800 to 5000 students must have MBKM and achieve. We are trying to achieve this target where the flagship quota from the Ministry is limited and competes nationally, so to anticipate this we are doing independent MBKM, one of which is the Bina Desa MBKM. Apart from that, there is also thematic KKN that has been implemented, then there is also a research MBKM and others. We will add MBKM like this of course with independent funding. Currently it is also being submitted related to PPK Ormawa and this year our quota is 16 groups, hopefully all of them will be fulfilled.

"We are of course very grateful to younger siblings who have agreed to take part in MBKM Bina Desa this semester. We hope a lot for younger siblings to be able to work together, let's improve our performance together, our universities," he said.

All MBKM targets and achievements are students. What is being done at this time has a lot of impact, besides students can also implement knowledge in the village and gain knowledge of how life is in the village. MBKM Bina Desa will be recognized for 20 credits, for this the supervisor is asked to oversee it so that it is recognized as 20 credits so that it can be recognized.

MBKM Bina Desa is BKP to build villages organized by BKM Unud recognized by credits in the framework of implementing MBKM at Udayana University. MBKM Bina Desa Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to provide learning to students on how to form an innovation ecosystem and rural business based on superior village products.

The speakers in the socialization and debriefing were Dr. Ir. I Ketut Sardiana, M.Sc with material related to program introduction and preparation of Bina Desa proposals, Duman Care Khrisne, ST., MT with material related to technical information planning for MBKM Student Study Plans, uploaded final reports and program outputs, and Ni Made Ari Kusuma Dewi , S.Pt., M.Sc with material related to quality assurance, monitoring, evaluation of administration and MBKM Bina Desa activities as well as moderator Dr. Ni Ketut Arismayanti, SST.Par.,M.Par.