Nanchang Normal University Introduces the History and Enchantment of Campus to Udayana University Delegations Through the Campus Tour Program

Nanchang (02/03/2023) Still in a series of visits and attending invitations from Nanchang Normal University (NCNU), after the signing of the MoU between Udayana University (Unud) and Nanchang Normal University (NCNU), NCNU invited the Unud delegation to get to know the campus more closely NCNU and the facilities offered through the campus tour agenda. Some of the places visited were the NCNU Museum, the Tourism Training Base and the NCNU Smart Education Building.

At the NCNU Museum, the Unud delegation was amazed by the concept of museum arrangement including interior and digital technology used to record history since the founding of NCNU, awards that have been won by both the University and its students and lecturers, collaboration with various parties, both government and private, foreign agencies , as well as various things that represent NCNU.

The second place visited by the Unud delegation was the Tourism Training Base School of Tourism and Economics NCNU. This Training Base is a place for students to practice theory and knowledge gained in lectures which aims to produce students who are competent and ready to enter the world of the tourism industry after completing their studies. Some of the practicum laboratories of the NCNU School of Tourism and Economics which were visited by the Unud delegation included culinary practices, the creation of organic-based cosmetics, tea ceremonies, hospitality, table settings, room settings. On this occasion the Unud delegation was also given the opportunity to practice several student activities and try the products they produced.

NCNU's Smart Building is the third campus tour destination. Smart Building is a classroom that is integrated with technology in teaching. Students can practice theory, create products and directly market them to the public through Virtual Reality, broadcasting and e-commerce rooms that are connected to NCNU's official social media which can be accessed by the community and the public. The Campus Tour ended by witnessing the performances of NCNU students who performed various traditional Chinese dances and songs.

Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Dr. I Wayan Suardana, SST.Par.M.Par and his staff were impressed by the creativity and innovation displayed by the students of the School of Tourism and Economics. "Nanchang Normal University has a variety of practicum tools and complete laboratory facilities and really supports students in improving their skills. This is also very useful when involved in related industries," said Dean Suardana.

Dean Suardana added, a visit to Nanchang Normal University certainly brings new hope for the Faculty of Tourism to improve various laboratory facilities, interactive learning media and meet international standards considering that in the near future it will take part in FIBAA International Accreditation.