700 Students from Various Universities in Bali Join the Entrepreneurship Public Lecture 2023 "Don't Just Be Job Seekers, Be Job Creators"

The Entrepreneurship Development Unit (UPK) and the Student Affairs Bureau of Udayana University held a Public Lecture on Entrepreneurship 2023 with the theme of Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Digital Age which took place online via Webex Meeting, Thursday (02/03/2023).

Ni Putu Ariantari as the Head of UPK Unud in his report said that this activity is a routine activity that is held at the beginning of each year and is the first step in introducing entrepreneurship to younger students who are present on this occasion. This activity also aims to ignite and foster student interest in entrepreneurship.

This General Entrepreneurship Lecture presented two expert speakers in their fields, namely Dewa Krisna Muku as Rector of the Institut Bisnis dan Teknologi Indonesia (INSTIKI) with Interpreneural Mindset material and I B Agung Gunarbawa, as Co Founder of Samsara Living, with Destination Branding material. The expected output from the implementation of this event is that students will not only become job seekers, but also become job creators.

Meanwhile, the Rector of Udayana University, represented by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana said that this public lecture was not only attended by students from Udayana University, but also attended by several other public and private universities, namely ISI Denpasar, Mahasaraswati University, Warmadewa, Undiksha, PNB, Mahendradata University, Undiknas, Bali International University, Stimi Handayani, ITB Markandya, UHN Denpasar, Stikom, and Instiki Bali with 700 registered participants.

Through the Entrepreneurship Public Lecture activities it is hoped that it can foster a student mindset to build an entrepreneurial spirit because there is still a large student mindset as job seekers after graduating from tertiary institutions. Entrepreneurship is expected to encourage the creation of new jobs, increase people's income, and trigger economic growth through the development of various economic sectors, thereby advancing the nation's and state's economy.