Udayana University Holds Socialization of IISMA and IISMAVo MBKM 2023, Presents Working Group Chair as Resource Person

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) through the Student Affairs Bureau and Office of International Affairs (KUI) is holding the Socialization of the Indonesia International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) and the Indonesia International Student Mobility Awards For Vocational Students (IISMAVo) for the 2023 Independent Campus Learning Program (MBKM) at Ruang Bangsa Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Thursday (23/2/2023). This socialization was attended by prospective students participating in IISMA and IISMAVo by presenting a resource person from the Chair of the IISMA 2023 Working Group Dr. Eng Rachmat Sriwijaya, ST., IPM, ASEAN ENG and IISMA Program and Partnership Development Senior Manager Hilda Cahyani, SS., M.Pd., Ph.D. This activity was opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs of Udayana University and was also attended by the International Office Coordinator and Team, Chair and Secretary of the MBKM Unit, representatives of Bureau of Academic Cooperation and Public Relations, Coordinator of Study Programs and Coordinator of Student Welfare Bureau of Student Affairs.

International Office Coordinator of Unud Dr. Eng Ni Nyoman Pujianiki, ST.,MT.,M.Eng in his report said that to prepare IISMA and IISMAVo candidate participants in 2023, his party had started in December 2022 and had made an announcement to find potential participants. More than 350 students were gathered, then in January an internal selection was carried out by examining all the required data and also interviews involving the Psychology Study Program. Finally, 98 participants were selected for IISMA and 4 for IISMAVo. He hopes that faculties with vocations such as the Faculty of Tourism and FEB will provide more enthusiasm so they can take part in the IISMAVo program. Prospective candidates are then provided with debriefing and mentoring by bringing in speakers according to their fields and until now his party is still accompanying prospective candidates to upload data on the IISMA portal whose deadline is March 1.

"On this occasion Udayana University brought in directly the Chairmen of the IISMA and IISMAVo Working Groups, it is hoped that younger students who are unclear about the IISMA and IISMAVo programs on this occasion will be used to ask directly to the Chairpersons of the Working Groups both regarding documents and university selection and courses. Likewise the Coordinator of Study Programs, we hope to invite the Coordinator of Study Programs here so that they can get a direct explanation from the Chair of the Working Group regarding how to recognize and convert courses that will be taken by students abroad," said Dr. Pujianiki.

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT., Ph.D., IPU in his remarks asked the students participating in the socialization and the Coordinator of Study Programs to make good use of this opportunity, because the resource person will explain everything about IISMA including the conversion of student KRS and SKS. So that it is hoped that there will be no more questions from the Coordinator of Study Programs regarding this program. Coordinator of Study Programs should acknowledge that this program has 20 credits because students do not only take part in learning in class but what is done outside, namely learning culture there and so on which improves soft skills and so on. Besides that, there is already a Rector's Circular Number 3 of 2023 to overcome the shortage of credits. This is also to support the achievement of IKU 2, for this it is hoped that the cooperation from the Coordinator of Study Programs will later be stated in the performance contract. He hopes that the number of IISMA participants this year can increase from the previous year, for that there is a strategy that can be implemented, namely regarding the choice of university. Participants are expected to dig up information from sources as clearly as possible regarding the selection process and others. Participants who pass IISMA have very good self-confidence and the waiting period for getting a job is shorter.

The resource person in his material said that the deadline for the IISMA platform was extended to March 8, 2023. This socialization material can also be watched again on the Udayana TV YouTube account.