Increasing Motivation for Achievement, Udayana University Student Achievement UKM Holds Sharing Session WORLD 2023

The Student Activity Unit for Outstanding Students (UKM Mapres) at Udayana University (Unud) held an online Sharing Session WORLD 2023 through the Zoom Meeting application, Sunday (19/02/2023). The activity, which was officially opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs at Udayana University, raised the theme "WORLD: With Optimism, Realizing Long Dreams" as a manifestation of increasing knowledge and motivation of students throughout Indonesia, especially Udayana University students to become achievers.

Committee Chairman Ni Luh Putu Arista Supadmi in his report said that this Sharing Session was one of the activities carried out by UKM Mapres which aims to share knowledge and experience with all students in Indonesia so that they are expected to have the motivation to excel. The number of participants who registered for the Sharing Session was 402 people from several provinces in Indonesia.

Ahmad Farras Zhafir as Head of UKM Mapres in his speech hoped that what was given through this Sharing Session activity could become a new lesson. In addition, it is also hoped that this Sharing Session can motivate all participants so that they can always be on track in lectures both in the academic and non-academic fields and develop soft skills and hard skills by participating in outside activities. "There are lots of activities that can be followed and used as learning so that they can prepare themselves to participate in the selection of outstanding students, both at the University, Regional and National levels," he said.

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana really appreciates the activities carried out by UKM Mapres where this activity is the second time it has been held. On this occasion, Prof. Ngakan also thanked the resource persons who had the opportunity to share so that it is hoped that this will have an impact on students to generate interest and talent to always excel. "Enthusiasm for all students, must excel and be even better than previous years," he added.

The WORLD 2023 Sharing Session activity presented 3 speakers, namely the Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana became the Keynote Speaker in this activity, then Mochamad Ali Imron, S.E., M.Phil., Ph.D who was the 2018 National Achievement Student, and Evita Martha Dewi, S.E. as Student with National Achievement in 2018.