UPT Udayana University Library Collaborates with the National Standardization Agency to Hold a Seminar on Standardization and Conformity Assessment

The Udayana University Library UPT (Unud) in collaboration with the National Standardization Agency (BSN) held a "Standardization Seminar and Conformity Assessment" at the Hall of the Udayana Library Building, Jimbaran Campus, Tuesday (14/2/2023). The seminar was attended by the Head and Secretary of UPT Library, librarians, librarians and reading ambassadors of Udayana University with speakers from the Library Team and the BSN Community Complaint Team.

This activity was opened by the Head of UPT Library representing the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of Udayana University. Head of UPT Library Dr. Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari in her speech said that this activity was one of the manifestations of the Memorandum of Understanding that had been signed between the National Standardization Agency and Udayana University previously. This event was held with the aim of utilizing the resource capabilities owned by the UPT Udayana University Library in fostering and developing in the field of standardization and assessment to support the Tridarma of Higher Education. "Librarians, librarians staff, and reading ambassadors are information bridges in terms of National standardization, let's work together in order to develop human resources, science, technology and innovation and accelerate the implementation of development programs in the field of standardization and conformity assessment," she said.

Through this activity, participants are expected to actively discuss with speakers regarding how Standardization and Conformity Assessment in the world of Education and business and how to utilize SNI Corner, can become a bridge of information for the academic community who want to know about the National Standardization Agency, especially SNI corners that are already in Udayana University.

The Substance Coordinator of Information Services and Libraries Bureau of Public Relations, Cooperation and Information Services of BSN, Minanuddin said that we should pay more attention to national standardization, now the world's needs for standards are very high. Maybe later more specific literacy activities can be carried out at the faculty level and BSN can facilitate it in terms of resource persons. His party also hopes that there will be more intensive communication related to the existence of SNI Corner at Unud so that it can be more beneficial for the academic community.

The materials presented in the seminar were the BSN Library and Reference Sources for Standardization and Conformity Assessment by Firmansyah and SNI Corner Tutorial by Aldi Kusuma and Seto Kuncoro, moderated by Dwi Hery Susanto.