The BIPAS Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University Holds "Orientation Day BIPAS Spring Semester 2023"

Denpasar - The BIPAS Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University (FIB Unud) held an "Opening Ceremony and Orientation Day Bali International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS) Spring Semester 2023" at Widya Sabha Mandala Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra FIB Unud Nias Campus Denpasar, Thursday (9/2/2023).

The BIPAS Program Coordinator Anak Agung Sagung Shanti Sari Dewi, SS., M.Hum in his report said that in the previous semester the implementation of the BIPAS program was with a deep hybrid system, namely a combination of online and offline, in this semester the implementation of the program took place offline centered on the Jimbaran campus. 58 students from Germany, Finland, France, Mexico, Moldova, the Netherlands and Sweden participated in the Spring Semester 2023. This semester, BIPAS offers 14 subjects in various fields of study. The purpose of this orientation for foreign students is to provide academic information so that students have knowledge about Indonesia, especially Bali, Udayana University, and the BIPAS Program. Through this opportunity the BIPAS Coordinator expressed his appreciation and gratitude to University Leaders, Faculties, Office of International Affairs, Asia Exchange partners, Lecturers and all parties for their support in implementing the BIPAS program carried out by the Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

Hannes Borgwardt as Chief Representative Officer of Asia Broad, Asia Exhange in his remarks said that collaboration with Udayana University had been established for the last 15 years, namely from 2008. Today he is very pleased to welcome students who will take part in lectures directly at the Unud Campus. Until now, Asia Exchange has sent 2,700 students to take part in the BIPAS program at Udayana University. He expressed his gratitude for the support from Unud for this partnership and also students who have chosen to study at Udayana University through the Asia Exchange.

Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences I Nyoman Aryawibawa, Ph.D, in his remarks on behalf of the Dean, gave a glimpse of the Faculty of Humanities which is more than 64 years old and currently has 8 undergraduate programs and 4 postgraduate programs. BIPAS, is one of the international programs at Udayana University which is managed by the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. Of course the BIPAS Team and Asia Exchange are dedicated to guiding students to take education in this program. Not only BIPAS, Asia Exchange representatives and lecturers, but the entire university community will support international students who are committed to studying at Udayana University.

While the Vice Rector Prof. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja who in this case represented the Rector opened the 2023 Spring Semester BIPAS Orientation Day. In his remarks he said that Udayana University was very pleased to have an international program such as BIPAS which had opened opportunities for international students to experience the academic atmosphere at Udayana University, especially in the tourism sector. , economics and business, law, entrepreneurship, communication, sociology, and culture. BIPAS has become one of the most popular international study programs featuring lecturers with diverse international backgrounds with undoubted quality in their fields.

Through this opportunity, it was emphasized that Udayana University is committed to providing the best quality learning and services to foreign students, and hopes that studies at BIPAS will be productive, unforgettable and successful. The Vice Rector also thanked Asia Exchange for the cooperation that has been established for the last 15 years and it is hoped that the cooperation between the two parties will get even stronger.