Celebration of Siwaratri Day, Udayana University Holds Joint Prayer

Siwaratri Day celebration at Udayana University (Unud) was held at the Maha Widya Saraswati Temple, Jimbaran Campus, Friday (20/1/2023) evening. This activity, which was filled with joint prayers, was attended by the Rector, Vice Rectors, Chair of the Senate, Heads of Bureaus, Chairmen and Secretaries of Institutions, Faculty and Postgraduate Leaders, Heads of work units within Unud, Dharma Wanita Persatuan, Suka Duka Dharma Kanti and FPMHD Unud representative.

Siwaratri Day is held every purwaning tilem sasih kepitu which this year falls on January 20 2023. Siwaratri Day itself is a holy day held in the context of worshiping Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in His manifestation as Lord Shiva.

Siwaratri comes from two words namely Shiva means kind, forgives, gives hope and makes happy, while Ratri means night or can also be interpreted as darkness. So Siwaratri can be interpreted as a night that dissolves darkness in oneself and in the heart to lead to a brighter path.

The story of Lubdaka is a story that cannot be separated from Hari Siwaratri, which was written by Mpu Tanakung. In fact Siwaratri is a night of contemplation of sins, not the melting away of sins. It is at this time that Lord Shiva meditates, so this is also a good day for his people to do the same thing while contemplating themselves and worshiping Lord Shiva.

The Siwaratri celebration at Udayana University ended with a joint prayer at midnight led by Jero, the Head of the Maha Widya Saraswati Temple.