Success of Village SDGs through MBKM for Village Development/KKNT, LPPM Udayana University Ends Series of Activities by Holding Final Exams Simultaneously in 8 Partner Villages

After almost 6 (six) months of students carrying out the Freedom to Learn Campus Merdeka (MBKM) activities to Build Villages/Thematic Real Work Lectures (KKNT) Period I in 2022, the Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) of Udayana University (Unud) conducted a final evaluation by fielded 30 (thirty) examiners in 10 (ten) student groups in 8 (eight) villages, Wednesday (11/1/2023). The 8 partner villages are the villages of Jehem, Kedisan, Buahan, Batur Tengah, Bawahbang, Kerta, Pecatu and Kelan.

In each group tested by 3 (three) examiners, namely: 2 examiner lecturers and the Village Head, and accompanied by 3 (three) field supervisors (DPL), namely DPL LPPM, DPL Study Program and DPL Village (Mitra) . There were 86 (eighty six) students tested from 10 (ten) study programs (Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Architecture, Environmental Engineering, International Relations, Political Science, Communication Studies, Public Administration, Travel Industry, and Tourism Destinations) from 3 (three) faculties (Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Tourism and FISIP) so that activities outside the MBKM Building Villages/KKNT campus can be converted into 20 credits of conversion courses.

The assessment of MBKM Building Village activities was carried out very comprehensively with 7 (seven) assessment points carried out by the Village Head, Village DPL, LPPM DPL, Study Program DPL, and Examiner Lecturers. The points assessed are the Debriefing Test, Program and Work Plans, Work Program Implementation, Soft Skill Capability, Program Final Report, Presentation and Final Examination, and Outcome and Impact.

Students take the final examination stages of the MBKM for Building Villages/KKNT Period I in 2022 with great enthusiasm. In general, the series of MBKM to Build Villages/KKNT Period I 2022 activities went well and smoothly, and received a good response from the Village Head and the local community.