Dharma Wanita Association of Udayana University Celebrates 23rd Anniversary

Jimbaran - Dharma Wanita Association of Udayana University (DWP Unud) celebrated its 23rd anniversary at the Nusa Room, Rectorate Building, Jimbaran Campus, Wednesday (7/12/2022). The celebration was marked by cutting the tumpeng by the Head of DWP Unud which was coupled with sharing Ethics and Aesthetics in Dressing to the Office, Gala Dinner and Kundang Dress. The resource persons in this activity were Kadek Wira Dika Saskara, S.Tr.Ds., M.Sn.

Head of DWP Unud Mrs. Ida Ayu Bulan Antara in her remarks conveyed that the 23rd anniversary of the DWP Unud falls on December 7 2022. While the forerunner of the DWP was formed on August 5 1974, at that time the DWP was still known as Dharma Wanita only, which is the largest women's organization with members the wives of state civil servants, the wives of the armed forces and the wives of BUMN employees. Then during the reform period in 1998, this organization could not have political content and became an independent and very democratic women's organization. During the reign of President K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid changed his name according to the name of the cabinet at that time to the current name, namely Dharma Wanita Persatuan. At the Extraordinary National Conference held on 6-7 December 1999, there in the draft articles of association of Dharma Wanita Persatuan it was stipulated that the largest women's social organization in Indonesia operates in three areas, namely education, economics and socio-cultural fields.

Furthermore, the Chairperson of the DWP Unud said that last month the management of the DWP Unud gathered in Jakarta, where the DWP Unud was under the DWP Ditjendiktiristek with Chairperson Ny. Prof. Nizam and also held a coordination meeting and then formed a gathering forum for the Rector's wives throughout Indonesia which was named Forsidanita (Gathering Forum of Chairpersons of DWP PTNs throughout Indonesia). Unud along with 57 other universities entered into the third division chaired by the wife of the Rector of Hasanuddin University. In the last month the activities carried out at IPB were filled with tour activities, bazaars, hospitality at the convention center of IPB. In this activity, he also had the opportunity to visit the experimental garden of the IPB Faculty of Agriculture, to practice melon planting. There is also the cultivation of purple moon orchids and vegetables. Forsidanita ended with a Gala Dinner. This Forsidanita is the first gathering forum to foster a sense of mutual cooperation and kinship as well as add insight through sharing between the Rector's wives.

As a companion to the leaders at Unud, DWP should be able to apply the Panca Dharma Wanita, namely (1) being able to carry out the function of being a faithful husband's companion, (2) being able to produce the next generation, (3) carrying out the function of educating and caring for children, (4) earning a living or additional income for the family, and (5) useful for the surrounding community, nation and state. They should also be able to maintain their own good name, husband and institution. Through this opportunity the Chairperson of the DWP also wished the 23rd Anniversary of the DWP Unud to always be successful, united and united in advancing the DWP Unud organization.

Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara also had the opportunity to attend the celebration of the 21st anniversary of DWP Unud.