Oral and Dental Hospital and Undergraduate Program of Dentistry and the Dentist Profession of Udayana University Hold National Dental Health Month 2022

Dental and Oral Hospital of Udayana University (Unud) and Undergraduate Dentistry and Dentistry Profession Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University held the opening of the 2022 National Dental Health Month at the Lobby of Building IV, Udayana University Hospital, Bukit Jimbaran Campus. Monday, (5/12/22). This event took the theme Recovering Together with a Healthy Smile Indonesia "Rising Together, Free of Cavities" which was officially opened by the Rector of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M. Eng, IPU.

Chairman of the 2022 BKGN committee drg. Anak Agung Gde Dananjaya Agung, Sp., RK(G) in his report said that BKGN is one of the annual activities of the Undergraduate Dentistry Study Program and the Dental Profession Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University which aims to increase the knowledge and skills of dentists, dental students, and other health workers, providing education to the public regarding dental and oral health as well as an arena to promote the Undergraduate Dentistry Study Program and the Dental Profession of FK Unud to the public. There are several activities carried out in this year's BKGN including, School Health Program, Free Dental Examination and Treatment, Online Dental Consultation and Unud BKGN Contest in 2022.

Chairman of the Indonesian Dentist Association (PDGI) drg. Usman Sumantri, M.Sc on this occasion said that more than half of the people complained of toothaches. This means that more than 140 million Indonesians have had a toothache. Unfortunately only a small part handled. Ironically, even though 94 percent of the population is aware of brushing their teeth, only a handful can do it properly. Only 2.8 percent to be precise, the data was obtained in research conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2018. 57.6 percent of our people actually complain of toothache. However, only 10.2 percent could go to the dentist because the dentist was not available. PDGI has actually thought about the problem of the lack of dentists. They claim that they have asked for an additional quota for dental specialist education in the country. "For dentists, nationally the figure is concerning, 14 dentists per 100 thousand people. This means that it is not according to the ratio and 14 people per 100 thousand live in cities," he said.

Meanwhile the Rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M. Eng, IPU. take this opportunity to express the highest appreciation to PDGI (Indonesian Dentist Association) who has entrusted the holding of the National Dental Health Month at Udayana University in 2022. This means a lot for us Unud academics as an appreciation for the existence of the Faculty of Medicine with Dentistry study program, it's easy -Hopefully this will be a challenge for us together so that later we can have an understanding of how to develop this dentistry study program in the future according to the programs that have been delivered through the association of the Indonesian Faculty of Dentistry. Dental health must be our concern because there are so many percentages of people who do experience problems in the field of dental health.

With the implementation of the 2022 National Dental Health Month, it is hoped that it will be a milestone to improve both in the form of increasing the competence of lectures that will be given to all Unud students and to provide services in the field of dental health for the community. In addition, the dental and oral hospital owned by Unud is expected to be completed next year so that later it can be operated, and can carry out its role and provide community services around the campus and Bali in general.