Udayana University Archive Center Holds Archive Destruction Event

Udayana University (Unud) through the Archives Center held archive destruction in Room 3.10, 3rd Floor, Postgraduate Building, Campus Unud Denpasar, Tuesday (29/11/2022).

I Wayan Gayun Widharma, SE., M.Sc. The TU, HTL, and RT Coordinator in this activity said that the destruction of these archives was the destruction of inactive archives at Udayana University carried out by the Archives Sub-Coordinator involving Archivists, Archive Managers, from the Supervision element (SPI ) as well as from the legal field in such a way that the contents of the information and physical archives cannot be recognized anymore.

The destruction of inactive archives was attended by several Archive Creation Units including the Faculty of Agriculture 600 files, the Faculty of Medicine 675 files, the Faculty of Agricultural Technology 39 files, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 58 files, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 190 files, the Faculty of Cultural Sciences 350 files, the Human Resources Department 279 files , Postgraduate 7062 files, Faculty of Law 411 files, Bureau for Academic Cooperation and Public Relations 367 files, Faculty of Economics and Business 209 files, Student Affairs Bureau 614 files, Bureau of Planning and Finance 400 files. The total number of files to be destroyed is 11,254 files.

Archives that are destroyed are made a list of destroyed archives and signed by the creator of the archive and the maker of the register in their respective work units. In order to obtain legal force, all archives that were destroyed according to the list of destroyed archives were confirmed by Rector's Decree Number: 1378/UN14/HK/2022 dated 25 November 2022 concerning Stipulation of Destruction of Inactive Archives of Udayana University in 2022.

SPI Secretary Dr. Ni Made Adi Erawati, SE., M.Sc also said that in carrying out the destruction of these records, there must be 2 stages, namely which archives must be preserved and which archives can be destroyed. Therefore an announcement was held in various sections such as Finance and BMN because their files were important. It is feared that certain parties will come to ask for the old archives, due to their material and financial accountability. Unud has not had a historical archive since its inception, for this it is necessary to trace it like photographs of the early history of Unud, namely at the Faculty of Letters. Maybe in the future there will be a special room created to display and tell the historical archives of Unud's development from its inception to today.