Udayana University Socializes Class 5 Campus Teaching Program Online

Udayana University (Unud) through the Student Affairs Bureau held an online Socialization of Free Learning Campus (MBKM) Teaching Campus Program Batch 5 at Udayana University in 2022 online. Thursday, (24/11/2022). This socialization presented speakers from the Head of the Teaching Campus Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ms. Asri Aldila Putri and Moderator Dr. Ir I Ketut Sardiana, M.Sc (Coordinator of MBKM Unud).

The socialization was opened by the Head of Student Affairs Bureau of Unud Drs. I Ketut Kartika, in his speech, said that the Teaching Campus Program is an Elementation Program of the Merdeka Learn Kampus policy which provides opportunities for students to study off campus for one semester. This program facilitates students to become partners for teachers to innovate in learning to develop strategies and learning models that are creative, innovative, and fun. The Teaching Campus Program was launched with good intentions, accompanied by noble aspirations to improve soft skills which will be very useful as student competencies so that they are better prepared to face the world of work.

The Teaching Campus Program was launched in 2020 and so far has produced 4 batches, with many positive impacts that can be felt by the community so that the Teaching Campus Program Batch 5 is reopened. This socialization can run well and smoothly," said the Head of the Student Affairs Bureau.

Meanwhile the MBKM Coordinator Dr. I Ketut Sardiana hopes that from the exposure of the speakers the interest of campus participants in teaching at Unud will increase. This period received attention from the center because there were fewer participants in this period than in the previous period. This program is very beneficial for students and the community, especially elementary schools which are the target of this program. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to how to increase student interest because this program is extraordinary and beneficial for students themselves. In this activity there will also be a sharing of the credit conversion process from the resource persons present.