Udayana University Appoints 14 Functional Officers of Udayana University Hospital

Inauguration and Taking Oaths/Promises of Functional Officials within Udayana University (Unud). The inauguration ceremony and taking of the Oath/Promise were held in the Nation Room, Rectorate Building, Jimbaran Campus, Wednesday (23/11/2022). The activity begins with the Mejaya-jaya ceremony at Dalem Balembong Temple. The inauguration and oath-taking was carried out by the Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance on behalf of the Rector of Udayana University and was also attended by the Head of the General Bureau, the Director of HR and Academics at Unud Hospital, the HR Coordinator and as witnesses namely the TU Coordinator, RT and HTL and TU LPPM Coordinator.

Vice Rector Prof. IGB Wiksuana in his remarks conveyed that the inauguration and oath-taking of these Functional Officials is a mandate contained in Article 87 of Government Regulation Number 11 of 2017 as amended in Government Regulation Number 17 of 2020, concerning the Management of Civil Servants, which states "Every Civil Servant Civilians who are appointed as functional officials must be sworn in and taken an oath/pledge according to their religion or belief in God Almighty. This is done in order to foster and create civil servants who are clean, honest, neutral, free from political intervention, corruption, collusion and nepotism, uphold the ethics of their office, and are loyal and obedient to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

The inauguration and Oath-Taking of Functional Officials this time was attended by 14 Functional Staff at Udayana University Hospital consisting of 1 Pharmacist Functional Position, 5 Nurses, 2 Physiotherapists, 4 Midwives, 1 Nutritionist and Dental Nurse 1 person. The inauguration was carried out in a simple manner but did not reduce the meaning of the oath/promise made by functional officials.

To the functional officials appointed, the Vice Rector congratulates and to carry out the mandate as well as possible as a form of dedication and service to the community, nation and state.