BAN-PT Assessor Conducts Field Assessment of Aquatic Resources Management Study Program

The BAN-PT Assessor Team conducted a field assessment in the context of accreditation of the Aquatic Resources Management Study Program, Faculty of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Udayana University (FKP Unud), November 21 to 23 2022. The opening of the assessment took place in the Hall Room of the Jimbaran Campus Library Building, Monday (21/11/2022) . The team of assessors who attended consisted of Prof. Dr. Tati Nurhayati, S.Pi., M.Si and Dr. Ir. Daduk Setyohadi, MP. This activity was attended by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs representing the Rector of Udayana University, Dean of FKP and Staff, Chair of LP3M, Chair of LPPM, Head of UPT Libraries, USDI Representatives, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the academic community of the Faculty of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Udayana University.

Dean of FKP Unud Prof. I Wayan Nuarsa on this occasion said that accreditation is a process of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Tridharma in Higher Education whether it has been carried out properly. Under the direction of the Rector and in coordination with related units, his party has tried to carry out the Tridharma as well as possible and in accordance with existing regulations, and it is hoped that what has been done is in line with existing regulations. Assessors are expected to provide suggestions and input so that the learning, research and service processes can run well in the future.

Prof. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja as Vice Rector for Academic Affairs in conveying that Unud is the oldest university in Bali which has three campus locations. We have 13 Faculties and 1 Postgraduate program with 119 Study Programs of which 60 percent have been accredited superior, and A. Unud currently has excellent status for institutional accreditation and is being transformed into PTNBH. While the Faculty of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is a faculty that was born 10 years ago and is the youngest faculty on the Jimbaran campus. The assessors present are expected to pay close attention to what has been made by the taskforce, of course there may be something that has been missed and there is still missing data. For that to be given the opportunity to complete the lack of data. He hoped that the Water Resources Management Study Program would be able to take part in other Study Programs and obtain the best results in this accreditation.

Meanwhile, the Assessor Representative, Prof. Tati Nurhayati, who was entrusted by BAN-PT to carry out field assessments, said that she had carried out an adequacy assessment and that this study program was worthy of being visited. Accreditation is one of the responsibilities of study programs, faculties and universities for students. If it is not accredited, the study program cannot graduate students and if they are forced to graduate, they will graduate from a study program that is not accredited. The learning process does need monitoring and evaluation to determine its performance. In carrying out this assessment, what the assessors did was to photograph directly the condition of the learning process and the infrastructure they owned.