One of the Udayana University Students Joined the F$hku Project, Can Detect Freshness of Fish

A student of the Electrical Engineering Study Program at Udayana University, Adisti Anjani Putri, is one of the fishery e-commerce application developer teams that can detect the freshness of fish called "Fi$hku". Adisti participated in the Ministry of Education and Culture's Bangkit Academy 2022 program. Together with other team members from Gadjah Mada University, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, and Dian Nuswantoro University.

Adisti and the team developed the first mobile application in Indonesia which has complete features to help empower Indonesian fisheries by detecting fish freshness. The Fi$hku project is the final capstone project held by Google Rise 2022. This project has succeeded in outperforming the 15 best projects after competing with 437 projects from various universities throughout Indonesia. For this success, Fi$hku managed to get funding from Google and the Ministry of Education and Culture to continue application development.

Fi$hku was born from the awareness that the fisheries sector has great potential to excel if managed properly and the fact that many fishermen live below the poverty line. F$hku is equipped with a feature to detect fish freshness based on eyes, gills and flesh with an accuracy of 98%.

F$hku is here to help fishermen/sellers expand their sales area while at the same time making it easy for consumers to shop for fresh fish. F$hku is ready to empower Indonesian fisheries while realizing social justice for all Indonesian people. Here is a website for info and features from Fi$hku: