Udayana University Conducts Training Center, 2 Teams of Student Creativity Program Pass in PIMNAS 35 Year 2022

The Student Bureau of Udayana University (Unud) through the Center for Student Creativity and Achievement organizes a Training Center (TC) for Unud students who qualify as finalists in the 35 Year 2022 National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) which will be held at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). The Training Center was held at the Grand Santhi Hotel Denpasar and opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs Unud, Wednesday (9/11/2022).

Head of Center for Student Creativity and Achievement Drs. I Wayan Santiyasa, M.Si in his report said that there were two teams that qualified for PIMNAS 35, namely 1 team of PKM Karsa Cipta (KC) and 1 team of PKM Application of Science and Technology (PI). Preparation begins with coordination and this time stabilization is carried out which is packaged in the form of a Training Center centered at the hotel to further strengthen preparations for competing at PIMNAS so that they can be more optimally prepared both in terms of documents, publications and posters. His party will also bring in speakers from internal Unud and Belmawa who will review and provide input to students so that they are more mature.

Any input from the reviewer is expected to be followed and followed up so that the report can be final and optimal when uploaded. We will do our best for Unud, where later presentations will take place offline so that in this Training Center presentations will also be trained. Supervisors to be as optimal as possible to guide so that they are able to excel in PIMNAS. He hopes that the two teams that qualify for the PIMNAS will give the best for Unud, hoping to win two medals. For that, we must strive as optimally as possible in PIMNAS 35.

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana in his speech congratulated the two teams that had successfully qualified. This is the last step, try to prepare as much as possible and it is ready to facilitate the needs of participants who have passed. Must be confident to follow this PIMNAS event. He hopes that hopefully he will be able to win gold so that it will increase the university's ranking. PIMNAS is the most prestigious event compared to other independent events. Unud's hope in PIMNAS rests on these two teams, for that to maintain health so that it is prime when at PIMNAS. He thanked the coaches and all parties who have supported this, we must boost all student achievements and our juniors and juniors so that they can be nurtured for the next event.

In this Training Center, reports on the progress of PKM achievements for each team are submitted, Simulation presentations and a review of the final report. PIMNAS is planned to open on November 30, 2022 until December 3, 2022.