Improving Literacy Culture, Library of Udayana University Holds Book Review

The Library of Udayana University held a book review "Following Stories of Bali Aga and Ainu Japan", which took place online through the Webex Meeting, Friday (4/11/2022). This activity was attended by 81 participants consisting of lecturers, students, librarians, and librarian from various universities in Indonesia.

The speakers in this book review, Dr. I Wayan Suardiana (Udayana University) and Dr. I Made Sujaya (Universitas PGRI Mahadewa Indonesia). The book “Bali Aga and Ainu Japanese Folklore was written by Dr. Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari who is also the Head of UPT Library. This book has won the 2021 Nusantara Academic Award organized by the Nusantara Institute in collaboration with Bank BCA.

Vice Rector for academics, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja, M.P. welcomed the initiative of the Head of Library to conduct academic activities through book review. "This book review activity deserves to be carried out regularly, in line with Unud's efforts to improve reading and literacy culture," said Prof. Rai Maya. It is hoped that the book review activity can improve the academic atmosphere at Udayana University and more quality works are written by the academic community of Udayana University, so that they can be reviewed at the same event in the future.

Dr. I Wayan Suardiana as the first speaker revealed that the author of the book, Dr. Laksmita Sari has succeeded in changing the academic scientific format (dissertation) into a format that is easier for the public to consume (textbooks). While the second speaker, Dr. I Made Sujaya notes that the book “The Story of the People of Bali Aga and Ainu Japan gives strength to the view of the universality of local wisdom, and has a strong comparative analysis with abundant reading sources.

The two speakers also suggested publishing Balinese Aga and Ainu Japanese folklore texts not only as a documentation context but also for creative purposes.

Head of Library Udayana University, Dr. Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari stated that the book review academic activity which is held regularly by the Library UPT is useful to increase the enthusiasm of students, lecturers, librarians, to research and write in their respective fields.