Udayana University Participates in Public Information Disclosure Public Test Presentation

The Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Agency Information Disclosure in 2022 organized by the Central Information Commission of the Republic of Indonesia entered the presentation stage by the Public Agency which lasted for three days and Udayana University had the opportunity to present on Tuesday (1/11/2022), at the Redtop Hotel, in Jl. Pecenongan No. 72 Jakarta.

This presentation is the second stage of the selection, after previously Udayana University fulfilled the requirements in filling out the questionnaire for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Information Openness (KIP) data collection along with seven other categories of Public Bodies in Indonesia including Ministries; Provincial government; State institutions; Non-Ministerial Government Institutions; College ; Non Structural Institutions; BUMN; and Political Parties.

Of the 149 state universities in Indonesia, only 41 universities passed the 2nd Phase selection to take the Public Test through Presentations on Innovation and Strategy in implementing public information services. In this presentation, Udayana University was represented by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation, and Information at Udayana University who is also the Head of the Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) and made presentations together with 4 other universities, namely Yogyakarta State University; Sebelas Maret University; Padang State University and Singaparbangsa University.

The event begins with a joint briefing for the participants who will take part in the presentation of the public test, and then there will be presentations and presentations for each Public Agency which has been divided into individual sessions and rooms.