To Increase Literacy Interest, UPT Library Inaugurates Udayana University Reading Ambassadors

In order to activate the literacy movement and reading culture within Udayana University, the UPT Library inaugurated the University Reading Ambassador for the 2022-2023 period, Friday (10/28/2022) in the Library hall.

The inauguration of reading ambassadors was carried out by the Head of Udayana University Library, Dr. Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari. The reading ambassadors who were inaugurated this time were Ni Putu Winda Rahayu Srikana and I Komang Dio Hari Wijaya, both of whom came from the D3 Library Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

"One of the objectives of the selection of Reading Ambassadors is to increase interest in visiting the library and to invite students to take advantage of all library facilities, both reading rooms, computer rooms and other facilities," said the Head of Udayana University Library, Dr. Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari.

The Head of the UPT Library of Udayana University, also stated that the task of the elected Reading Ambassador would be to promote and socialize the use of library services.

"The promotion of the library through social media and a direct approach by the Reading Ambassador is expected to increase the literacy movement in the campus environment," said Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari.

The UPT library is also improving both in terms of infrastructure and transformation to a digital library, this is marked by an increase in the number of ebooks and ejournals being subscribed to so that the academic community of Udayana University has quality reading sources for references in order to produce quality research and writing as well.