BLU Talks "Tax Obligations of Public Service Agencies"

The Regional Office of the Director General of Treasury of the Province of Bali held the 12th BLU Talks Episode which took place online through the Zoom Meeting application, Thursday (20/10/2022). This activity presented two speakers, namely Mozes D.F. Nangi (Functional Tax Counselor Associate Expert at the Regional Office of the Bali Directorate General of Taxes) and I Wayan Sukada (Widyaiswara Madya at Denpasar Financial Education and Training Center with moderator Natalia Madiarti. The topic of the BLU Talks this time is BLU Tax Obligations. There are eight BLU participating in the BLU Talks this time.

The Head of the Bali Province DJPb Regional Office, Teguh Dwi Nugroho, said that 2022 is the 76th anniversary since the issuance of the Republic of Indonesia money, namely in 1946. Currently, BLU is present as a government agent in development by providing services to the community in the form of providing goods and services, as a form of assistance to the DJPb Regional Office. Bali has been present at the BLU Talks activity, which has become an educational and communication event for BLUs in Bali Province since January 2021. These BLU Talks are a collaboration between units of the Ministry of Finance in Bali Province, which are expected to be a learning platform for BLUs, as well as a means to strengthen cooperation. between one another.

Udayana University participated in the BLU Talks activity, namely officials or employees who manage finance and taxation internally, manage business units, manage cooperation, and internal supervisory units.